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Larvae in this cheese is a good sign

Doing research on raw food, I found a very -let’s call it- interesting cheese from Sardina, Italy, called Casu marzu (formaggio marcio in Italian) which is riddled with larvae and left to ferment for some time before eating.


The larvae is injected into the cheese, which advances decomposition and – for the raw food eater’s delight – eliminates fats. Apparently, the larvae develop some toxins that add flavor to the cheese. Once the cheese is ready, the larvae can be removed, although some like their cheese with the 8-millimeter larvae. Just beware, the larvae can jump up to 15 centimeters, so it’s recommended to leave the arms around the cheese to protect the eyes.

What’s curious is that you know that the cheese is not good anymore when the larvae die… so look for lively larvae as a good sign.


The cheese was outlawed in Sardina because of health concerns, but it’s still sold in the black market. Just ask for maggot cheese, it’s street name.

I just wonder why if the cheese was outlawed, it came up in a list of raw food suggestions… I wonder whether you can still get it in the US or whether raw food eaters are just trying to be extravagant.