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Making a profit out of elephant poo

Consider these notebooks made with elephant poo as the perfect gift this holiday season:


The notebooks comes from Sri Lanka, an island off India where farmers are not very fond of the local elephants, which they consider a plague to their crops. In fact, it is estimated that farmers have killed more than 4,000 elephants since 1950.


Mr Elli Pooh, a non-profit business, is trying to do something to protect the elephants while producing some source of income to the farmers. Because elephant’s waste consists mostly of cellulose, the organization found a way to turn it into paper.

At a $10 average price, Mr Elli Pooh’s collection of elephant poo paper products would make a great gift this holiday season: notebooks, pins, boxes, journals, photo books, you name it.


Don’t worry, it doesn’t smell or even look like it ever came out of an elephant’s behind. The cellulose goes through a rigorous cleaning process.

I just got one of these beautiful paper boxes from Green Dwellers, a new green store in Plantation which I’ll be blogging about later.


Here are some of the locations selling Mr. Elli Pooh products in South Florida:

Green Dwellers

The Miami Metro Zoo

Visit their website to find locations in other areas.